Diplomatic Passports for life!

Posted on March 25, 2012


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The Legal Committee in the House of Representatives recommends granting representatives and others diplomatic passports for life, instead of getting them on a temporary basis during the period of their work at the Parliament. It is shameful to ask for diplomatic passports, while those representatives delivered nothing to Jordan, expect more corruption and damages to Jordan.

I really do not understand how our representatives think and on what basis they act! Most of them are ignorant people! Real ignorant (can’t read or write). I’m wondering how the legal committee (underline legal) in the House of Representatives could grant the representatives and Senates diplomatic passports for life! Diplomatic passports are created for diplomatic missions (work), not for a person, especially someone from the current Parliament!

Just in third world countries ambassadors and diplomats don’t give back their diplomatic passports when they retire! In advanced countries no one can carry a diplomatic passport, with the end of his/her mission, even if that person was the president!