The need for a “Maestro”

Posted on March 25, 2012


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Many Jordanian citizens share the same impression regarding the fact that despite of any efforts or good work carried out by the state, it remains completely underestimated; a better way to say so: it does not look good enough. Recently, frustration dominates the atmosphere of both “elite and majority”, and a high level of pessimism can, so easily, be noticed. How can we face all of this? And why doesn’t the majority of people see anything good coming? On the contrary, it seems they are so blinded that they can only see just the bad side of each story.

The State’s reaction to the need of conducting a change was reflected in the constitutional amendment, as well as the many other difficulties that were faced and overcome. However, all of these did not reach the expected and desired outcome. Today, it is obvious that we lack a transparent communication channel that can bridge the gap between the official view and the people. Moreover, we need to restore credibility, while understanding that many of the public policies should aim at keeping people in touch with the State’s achievements. Unfortunately, the gap of communication is expanding; people are more distant from their State, moving towards a difficult phase of misunderstanding, followed by dreadful interpretations for anything and everything done by the State.

The main source of today’s troubles in Jordan is the wide and quick spread of rumors. Yet, in the absence of information, rumors domain and take the place of truth; this is simply the case in Jordan. Furthermore, many talk about corruption and its protagonists, however we are surprised that by talking to people, we discover that all those stories have no true profound origin; they are stories based on rumors! How can we face this all? In my opinion the State should attempt on focusing and promoting transparent procedures open for public, in order to satisfy people and respond to their needs. Should this not be the case, discontent will continue escalating driving the general situation into a more edgy uneasy one.

It is really surprising that each time protests decrease; something comes up and makes them stronger. It is worthwhile to mention that the arrest of Tafileh political movement activists does not send any positive signals regarding the intentions of the State to conduct a real reform; it in fact shows that some are not able to relinquish the old mentality which was basically behind the 1989 explosion at the southern areas of Jordan. Shall we all fear today that ‘security law’ mentality might appear again?

Moreover, the naïve way of dealing with Jordan’s most important historical cases “the Phosphate case”, made many doubt the existence of a capable strategic ‘kitchen’ within the State’s body. If the later truly existed, then we can only wonder about the scandalous outcome of such a matter! Harmony is really needed, but what we need most today is an orchestra conductor who can well play the role of a “Maestro.”

This general atmosphere, full of worries and concerns, frustrations and disappointments will lead to an increase in violence, thus creating many hot spots in Jordan that could result in a big outburst. Therefore, dealing with corruption should not distinguish between people; all corrupted should be questioned and tried in a very transparent just way, not the current selective way that –so far- only worsen things.

In a country like Jordan, the State’s reputation is much linked to the image of the King; one should be extremely careful not to negatively affect this image. Moreover, it seems that dissolving the current parliament and dismissing the incapable government is a vital need. However, and before any further step, we have to focus on getting a satisfactory election law. In all cases, if such a situation continues to go on in this way, the negative impact will be much higher. The State should strive to become a shelter for its own people, so that the situation doesn’t reverse back, becoming instead the people’s enemy.

Dr. Amer Al Sabaileh

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