Jordan Evil Parliament

Posted on March 28, 2012


Jordan Parliament

Jordan Parliament

It’s not strange to the current parliament in Jordan to reach this nasty and horrible stage, I doubt that any of the Parliament Members came to the dome because of their positions or their programs, and since I don’t want to generalize, the majority became members because of the Rifai Government and the millions some of them spent!

Yesterday, House of Representatives added another filthy moment in the black history this Parliament has, starting from giving blind trust to the Rifai Government (111 out of 120), and ending with accusing the press to be biased and awful. I don’t think in the history of Jordan there was a wicked and evil Parliament like the one we have now!

House of Representatives lost creditability long time ago, but they think they can deceive and mislead his majesty, King Abdullah II, and the Jordanian people! Now the representatives know that they are leaving the Parliament soon, so they will try to get as much as they can. What the Parliament is doing now is blackmailing and extortion, they will not pass the important reform laws and regulations until they take all the person gains they want (Pension, Diplomatic Passports for life…).

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