LOL! Why not!

Posted on March 28, 2012


Samir Rifai, Jordanian politician

Samir Rifai, Jordanian politician (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

His excellency the former prime minister of Jordan Mr. Samir Rifai II argues again that the so-called Majlis 111 got their seats after a fair, free and non-fraudulent elections! For me personally i can tolerate anything except underestimating my mind, and YES shayef 7ali! Your excellency, people can read and write now, they can analyze and help our homeland (Jordan) more than you, your immature cabinet and the Evil House of Representatives. I’m honestly blaming the silent majority on all the problems that happened in Jordan.

We “the silent majority” saw all the highway robberies and did nothing, we “the silent majority” saw you taking a position way bigger than your size and capabilities and did nothing, we “the silent majority” saw the corruption left and right and did nothing………..

But let me assure you sir, this will never go on again, with the will of the people and the will of his majesty, King Abdullah II, the reform will come, and law will be applied on everyone, no more daddy mommy business.

A piece of advice sir, don’t try to defend the Parliament, because they are like a dirty swamp and you know that.

So why not, laugh out loud sir. lol