House of Representatives vs. Senators

Posted on March 29, 2012


مجلس الشواذ

أحد العرصات النواب يقوم "برسم قلوب حب" و"طائرات" على الورق خلال جلسة مناقشة "الفوسفات"

It’s not clear yet, but it seems that the senate will not pass a resolution to grant them, the deputies and former ministers diplomatic passports for life. The House of Representatives neglected very important resolutions and focused on getting personal gains before they go back home!

Now the deputies are threatening the senators, either the senators pass the pension resolution and the diplomatic passports, or they will not approve the election law and they will pass a constitutional amendment to elect senators rather than appoint them.

Unwise and irrational deputies are taking the country to the dead-end, and the question is who will benefit from this? Some members from the House of Representatives are deeply involved in corruption cases, from the decent housing project, to the Phosphate privatization.

Majlis 111 period is by far the darkest period in the Jordanian history.

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