A Grief of Palestinian Children by Dr. Abderrazaq Bani Hani

Posted on April 2, 2012



My fellow creatures.. My fellow children..
Can’t you hear?
Can’t you see?
Can’t you feel?

Don’t you have fellow feelings?
Don’t you have some tears?
For heaven sake..
I cry out loud.. and sadly weep!
I’m full of agony..
Bemoan my fate and shriek!

I grow under pain..
With torture and scream!
I call upon all the dears..
With torment and grieve!

No one listens!
No one looks!
And no one heeds!

On earth.. in heaven. in all the realms!
I make a de profundis screech..
Bend down.. moan.. and kneel..

I’m thirsty.. and hungry.. and crawl for reliefs..
I crouch to my mom.. with no hands and no feet..

I cry! And with innocence I ask..
With pain.. with frown. and grief!
Am I a human.. or am I beast?

Little sisters.. Wounded by the generals ask..
What are we.. to thee?
A flock of birds.. Or geese?
Mice.. goats.. or sheep?
Prepared and smashed.. for a luau..
Boiled and cooked.. for a treat..
Maybe.. more humanly..
We are a herd of deer!
Slaughtered.. torn and seared!
Massacred! Seasoned and grilled!
For a very holy feast!
To abate the generals anger..
But their wrath.. can’t be cooled..
And their madness wont appease..
Is that the promised peace?
Or is it another brilliant feat?

Palestinian Kids

I don’t know..
At my bones they gnaw..
On my blood they feed..
Our question hasn’t been answered..
Are we human.. or are we beasts?

If you say we are human..
I would have a doubt!!
For.. the sky went drought..
And our lives have ceased..

Those of you.. Whom I called..
You the inhabitants of the globe..
Look at me.. Touch me.. Sense me..
Haven’t you seen my bloods?
Haven’t you seen my bones?
Haven’t you seen my flesh?
Sliced.. Ground and burned!
Haven’t you seen my bones?
Crushed and ground in mills
Haven’t you smelled my flesh?
Grilled and fried in hell..
Haven’t you heard me gasping?
Inhaling dust and smoke..
Haven’t you seen me starving?
Eating grass and soil..

Haven’t you seen me suffering?
Haven’t seen my tears?
Eking life in siege..
all on my face tread..

Many rainy nights…
Sleeping cold on mud…
Many sweltering days…
Seared beneath the sun…
Many years of agonies…
Many years of disgust…
With anguish and sufferings…
And languish with insults…
Where are the human rights…?
My future bodes no bright…
With blood and stains around…
And many frightening nights…
You the Israelis…
Christ had asked before…
What shall it profit a man…
If he shall gain the whole world…
And lose his own soul…???

by Dr. Abderrazaq Bani Hani

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