I hope this will not be in the news after couple of days

Posted on April 3, 2012


عبدالكريم الدغمي

عبدالكريم الدغمي

The Jordanian government and parliament finally unveiled the new electoral system. After long months of worried speculation, promises and rumors that the new law would demonstrate the regime’s commitment to liberal reforms. Reviews from Jordanian reformists have been devastating, however, with the new law described as everything from “disappointing” to “a failure”.

 Their shock is easy to understand.  While the new law does make some key changes that reformers were demanding, it is not at all transformative and at most makes some minor adjustments to the status quo.

I believe it’s time to dissolute this parliament and sack the cabinet, this is one of the current demands for the opposition and so many Jordanians.

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