Walking in Amman, what a nasty experience!

Posted on April 3, 2012


Flag of the Greater Amman Municipality, Jordan...

Flag of the Greater Amman Municipality, Jordan. The foreground (in yellow), shows a calligraphic treatment of the Arabic script عمّان (`Ammān) merging into architectural arches. Español: Bandera de Amán (Jordania). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know this is not a new subject, but for me this is absolutely new! Two days ago, I started walking with my wife and our baby in the stroller. The idea behind walking was to lose weight, do some exercises, and to smell fresh air, since we are locked most of the day in the office or our apartment.

Anyway, there is couple of observations that I want to share with the readers:

1- The horrible roads Greater Amman Municipality constructed are so bad to a point that some of those roads not a car or a pedestrian can drive or walk on! (Corruption in construction is extraordinary in Jordan).

2- Other people look at walkers like they are weirdos or aliens! (You think you’ll lose weight by walking! You probably need to walk from Amman to Irbid so you can lose few grams!)

3- The worst thing is the taxi drivers!! I’m sure they say in their minds: OMG, who is that a**h**le walking there! She/he is stupid! Walking, Ah right!

4- The trash that you see in streets is unbelievable! Although I see the garbage people wearing their orange costume coming every day, but still the amount of garbage is ridiculous and tremendous.

5- Finally, I guarantee that if you walk 3-4 times per week, you will get lung cancer from the air pollution from cars.

Stay healthy, and enjoy the summer 🙂

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