Señor Yahya Soud, the phenomenon

Posted on April 11, 2012


I think one misleading aspect of being creative is that whatever is created has to be “artsy fartsy” and I don’t believe that.

Creativity will exist within people to different degrees, just like any other facet of someone’s personality. Yahya Soud, for instance, loves to to be nasty and grubby, and I think it’s important we admit that he is creative in finding different ways to show that he is nasty, from destroying the bureau of Agence France-Presse (AFP) with his gang, to fighting other deputies in the Parliament.

Yahya Soud is a strange phenomenon that we need to study well. I’m wondering how Soud got elected! There are three theories about that:

  1. By fraud. Why the system would appoint an idiot like Yahya Soud, who is becoming a burden and he is handicapping everything the system is trying to do!
  2. By influencing people. This is absolutely not the case, no mature rational human will vote for an ignorant guy like Yahya Soud.
  3. By a miracle. I personally believe that, there is no way this senseless person got his seat at the Parliament unless by a miracle, for people to learn.

It is so important to have a transparent and honest elections, we need to get rid of the awful deputies we have now. Jordanian people are sick of the beggars at the house of representatives.