Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan

Posted on April 17, 2012


Logo Muslim Brotherhood

Logo Muslim Brotherhood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finally, 46 out of 83 Jordanian deputies voted to add an item in the draft political parties’ law forbidding the establishment of any political party on a “religious and/or ethnic sectarian basis.”

The measure would disqualify the Islamic Action Front – the Muslim Brotherhood – from taking part in upcoming parliamentary elections under the current structure. Making Islam a cover to attract people and establish parties will stop after this new amendment. Jordanian people in general are emotional, and by hearing (Islam) as part of the party they will follow. Muslim Brotherhood leaders are working behind the sense; in the name of Islam; to achieve all their personal gains and goals.

Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan never presented (a real life = realistic) program that tackles: education, economy, social reforms, the Palestinian issue…etc!

They don’t want to participate in the system; they actually want the whole system!

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