“Royal Jordanian” gone with the wind

Posted on April 17, 2012


A Royal Jordanian Airbus A310-300

A Royal Jordanian Airbus A310-300 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After reporting a huge loss of $82 million in 2011, Hussein Dabbas Basha resigned to take another job, less than three years after he was appointed to run the carrier.

Dabbas said on April 1 that it was “a must” for state- controlled Royal Jordanian, a member of the British Airways-led Oneworld airline alliance, to merge with a larger carrier as high fuel prices, competition from local rivals and a sluggish economy squeeze earnings. Royal Jordanian, founded in 1963 and one of the Middle East’s oldest airlines.

First, I honestly don’t know who is the idiot who will hire Dabbas Basha again! Under the management of Hussein, the RJ lost over 60% of its value!! Second the company was one major resource of revenue for Jordan but with the awful privatization plans managed by Bassem Awadallah and Suhair Al Ali (Dabbas’s wife) the company sunk in deep shit.

Monsieur Dabbas you should have left the company long time ago, but what can we say, it was an opportunity for you to make couple of Millions!

Dear Jordanian citizen, hope you are happy now, another source of revenue for our nation is gone with the wind, the gang we have will never be satisfied.