Keep your phone ON, Mr. Tarawneh is still calling!

Posted on May 1, 2012


Fayez A. Tarawneh - World Economic Forum on th...

Fayez A. Tarawneh - World Economic Forum on the Middle East 2010 (Photo credit: World Economic Forum)

Your Excellency, the Jordanian People, the appointed PM, Fayez Tarawneh is still on the run to form his cabinet for “a limited transitional period” to implement reforms needed to hold elections before the end of 2012.

His Majesty, King Abdullah II said in a letter of designation to Tarawneh that: “I instruct you to form a new government whose top priority is resuming the reform march,” Now Mr. Tarawneh, the success or failure of your government hinges on accomplishing this mission, and for your information the mission is completing and implanting laws that ensure political reforms and lead the country to hold parliamentary polls, and not to hire your relatives, or make more money, or travel, …etc.

Frankly speaking, i doubt that Tarawneh will do anything, the Jordanian Cosa Nostra led by Bassem AwadallahAl Bahlawan and the current Parliament (the invisible hand, or the shadow government) will continue their mission to destroy our nation. The expected cabinet will definitely have some gangsters who pray day and night to their God Al Bahlawan, such as Jafar Hassan, Ayman Odeh, … long list of corrupted people who are loyal for Al Bahlawan.

Anyway, keep your phone ON, Mr. Tarawneh is still calling people, you never know, maybe you will become our next minister of corruption 🙂