Corruption is enemy of all Jordanians

Posted on May 16, 2012




Corruption in any form is treated as an incurable disease, a cause of many social and economical evils in the society and it damages the moral and ethical fibers of the civilization in general.

From the point of view of economic growth, there seems to be a clear and solid correlation between corruption and the economic growth of a country. In Jordan its clear that corruption is so attached to the economic growth and stability.

We can find several countries having corrupt governments and yielding poor economic results, so i believe its time for us in Jordan to understand this and act upon it.

In a letter to the new president of the Court of Cessation and the Higher Judicial Council, His Majesty King Abdullah II stressed that:

 “In light of the increasing talk of corruption, which we deem our enemy and the enemy of all Jordanians, we emphasise that the judiciary should play its rightful role…,”.

Jordan needs clean government to reach the top of the income ladder, people are suffering now, and the majority of the Jordanian people live under the poverty line!

A survey conducted for World Development Report some years ago, found that businessmen in surveyed countries said that the main problem with corruption was that it increases risks and uncertainties. So how come we are going around the world asking big investors to come and invest in Jordan! This will never happen under the current situation.

The problem about the perception of corruption in Jordan is the unwillingness of the institutions (the government) to admit the existence of it. The civil sector and the Medias must fight against this blindfolded policy. There is a certain denial or not readiness to solve the problem in Jordan.

His Majesty King Abdullah II stressed in so many events that judges should apply the law in full independence, free from any pressures, and that they have the final say on all corruption cases, based on solid evidence and in line with the provisions of the law, away from rumours and groundless accusations.