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When change becomes a must!

November 19, 2012


It is perhaps not surprising, amid the general leveling of discontent in Jordan, to arrive to the spark of mass protests. The failure in finding a real solution for many pending issues (reform, corruption etc) was due to the immature vision that  denied and refused to face the problem. Actually, it considered the popular protests a […]

رهانات خاسرة

July 3, 2012


·        عمان هي الخاسر الأكبر في التحولات الأخيرة نظراً للوضع الجيوسياسي الأردني, و انتقال الأردن الى صف المواجهة مع سوريا قد يجعله يدفع الثمن الأكبر مستقبلاً. فسياسة تحول المواقف الحالية قد تدخل عمان في ورطة الطريق المظلم الذي يستحيل العودة منه, و يخطأ من يعتقد بأن عمان ستكون قادرة على النأي بنفسها عن تبعات التحولات الأخيرة  في […]

Jordan’s corruption puzzle – By Christina Satkowski

May 19, 2012


Earlier this month, Jordan’s new prime minister, Fayez Tarawneh, unveiled his new cabinet and reaffirmed the kingdom’s self-described commitment to combating corruption. But for the new government — Jordan’s fourth since the Arab Spring began — the drive against kickbacks andwasta may be losing steam as doubts arise about the progress of the anti-corruption campaign. The crackdown on corruption — […]

Jordan’s MPs play musical chairs as the Arab spring rages outside

May 13, 2012


It was only his second day in office, but Fayez al-Tarawneh, Jordan’s brand new prime minister, was already getting a hard time from the demonstrators streaming out of the mosque, shouting slogans against him, against corruption, price rises and the peace treaty with Israel. Tarawneh – and the watching police – need not have worried: only […]

The only honorable thing

May 9, 2012


From what I have read in the American and British press recently, it seems that a new hero is in the making in Jordan, whilst the King is being downgraded to the one who is bulldozing his way undemocratically into a crisis scenario. But hang on a moment, looking at the latest interview with Khasawneh, […]

Jordan faces regional challenges

May 7, 2012


Today, the shifting sands of Arab politics present seemingly insurmountable challenges to individual states. The Syrian issue has become the epicenter of the new round of changes, but its problems are overflowing into neighboring states. Analysts are convinced that the shape of the Middle East will be subject to further change. So, everyone is curious […]

Let them eat baklava

March 25, 2012


Today’s policies are recipes for instability in the Middle East IT IS sadly appropriate that Mohamad Bouazizi, the Tunisian whose self-immolation triggered the first protest of the Arab spring, should have been a street vendor, selling food. From the start, food has played a bigger role in the upheavals than most people realise. Now, the […]